EduCtrl is a feature-rich cloud-based software to manage all aspects of Overseas Education Consultancy Business, Training/Coaching Institutions.


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Are you an overseas education consultant/agency? Are you looking for the best education CRM software? Then, EduCtrl software would cater to your requirements and expectations without costing a fortune. Our cutting-edge software program handles lead management, course management, student documents, university application management, and so on.

Importance of EduCtrl CRM Software

The overseas education business has been sprawling for quite a time due to the increasing demand and popularity of higher education in foreign countries. As a result, more and more entrepreneurs are coming forward to start their journey as overseas education consultants.
That is why competition has become stringent and the business has become tough to survive without the help of powerful tools, like education CRM software. And when it comes to taking an overseas education consultancy business to the next level, there is no better option than the EduCtrl software system. 

In short, EduCtrl software comes with a long list of features to streamline the journey of overseas education consultants. For instance, EduCtrl software can take students’ inquiries and streamline the entire immigration process for them. The software can also maintain the online application process for students.

In other words, EduCtrl software enables an overseas education consultancy business to streamline the study abroad journey of applicants. Moreover, the software helps consultants manage team members with ease. In addition, EduCtrl software provides the business with all the required tools to expand its reach and serve more and more students with less staff effort.

EduCtrl Software: Key Benefits for an Overseas Education Consultancy Business

EduCtrl software leaves no stone unturned to cater to the study requirements of students. The software program enables consultants to manage college application process, automate the follow-up process, and so on. 
Some of the key benefits of the software would help you to comprehend the potential of EduCtrl software:

Application Management and Monitoring:

EduCtrl software comes as comprehensive end-to-end application management and monitoring system. In other words, the software program can simplify the cumbersome admission processes. Moreover, EduCtrl software enables overseas education consultants to keep track of the admission process by leveraging an all-inclusive dashboard.

Applicants’ Document Management:

EduCtrl software helps consultants to manage all the required documents of students, including mark sheets, education certificates, identity documents, letters of recommendations, and so on. The process further helps consultants to simplify the admission process of candidates.

A Better Integrated Lead Management:

EduCtrl software provides overseas education consultants with an efficient, centralized lead management system. It has further simplified various processes, such as lead tracking, lead assignment, lead status & add lead notes, and so on. 

MIS (Management Information System):

EduCtrl software can generate MIS reporting based on leads, applications, and performance. It further helps to take the overseas education consultancy business to the next level and supports consultants to make better business decisions.

Support Tickets

EduCtrl software enables students/consultants to create tickets/tasks in the system and to follow up. The tracking system and notification prevents missing out on interactions and following up with candidates & staff. Thus, overseas education consultants can provide a quality support to candidates & improve the reputation of their business. 

Wrapping Up

EduCtrl software is a complete package to streamline and support your overseas education consultancy business. You can leave the maximum loads of your business on this software and focus on other aspects of your business.