EduCtrl is a feature-rich cloud-based software to manage all aspects of Overseas Education Consultancy Business, Training/Coaching Institutions.


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One of the key features of the EduCtrl CRM software program is to help training and coaching institutes to streamline their business and reach more and more students. 

Do you run a coaching institute or training institution? If yes, then you would be glad to know that EduCtrl software is there to help your business become more productive, efficient, and well-organized. 
Moreover, the software is compatible with every type of training center or coaching institute. The program aims to help educational organizations to receive more admissions by making the entire procedure streamlined and systematic.

Importance of EduCtrl Software

It would be a wise decision to start leveraging the power of EduCtrl software from the beginning. Once your coaching institute starts generating more leads, it would be next to impossible to manage the following tasks without the power of cutting-edge education CRM software, such as EduCtrl software: 

  • Keeping track of and following up with each and every lead
  • Monitoring past interactions with prospects
  • Nurturing prospective clients to convert them paying customers
  • Checking the work progress assigned to different team members in terms of leads 
  • Track training batches & status of batches
  • Manage the trainers & batch assignments, course completions
  • Conduct online tests
  • Take reviews from students & trainers

Hence, it is high time to take the help of EduCtrl software to make your business more professional and organized. However, check out the benefits of the EduCtrl software program below to get confidence about your decision. 

EduCtrl Software Key Benefits

Leads Management:
EduCtrl software leaves no stone unturned to generate and organize high-quality leads for training or coaching institutes from diverse sources. The software stores all the leads in an easy-to-access place to streamline the process. 

Furthermore, when it comes to lead follow-up, EduCtrl software shows incredible performance. It helps consultants to resolve the queries of students in no time. All these reasons make EduCtrl software the best education CRM software. 

Online Examinations:
EduCtrl software also comes as an efficient online examination system to enable educational consultants to test the abilities and performance of students. The software program comes with a objective/essay questions management to judge the students learning.

A Well-Organized Management:
Other than lead generation and lead nurturing, EduCtrl software leaves no stone unturned to manage the strength of the batch. The efficient education CRM software guides both training institute as well as aspiring students in the entire training process. 

Moreover, EduCtrl software ensures in-depth details based on courses as well as students. The program further aids coaching or training institutes to evaluate the data in terms of courses and batches to create in-depth reports. It further helps institutions to plan their future business goals and strategies to reach more and more clients and expand their business. 

Lead Prioritization:
It is a must to extract high-quality leads from the pool of leads to ensure business success. And EduCtrl software does wonder when it comes to filtering the most important leads for coaching or training institutes to ensure success.

Improves the Process of Admissions & Referrals:
In short, EduCtrl software enables coaching institutes and training centers to manage the admission procedure with the ace. 

The software creates a single platform to help educational consultants to choose the best students from the list and retain the eligible candidates to improve business performance.

EduCtrl Education Management software makes the work structure of coaching institutes and training centers seamless and streamlined.

Wrapping Up
EduCtrl software is an ideal solution when it comes to taking the success of a training center or coaching institute to the next level. Leverage the power of EduCtrl software today to make your business one of the best institutes in the education industry.